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At a NCBN group, you will have sector exclusivity, meaning that there will be no other competing businesses asking for the same referrals.

Our meetings and events are structured to facilitate, and encourage, members to build strategic business alliances and pass quality referrals that turn into real business.


Annual membership fee will be £250 per calendar year. (Currently FREE to first 10 businesses that join for 2019-2020)


The best way to find out if NCBN suits you is to join one of our meetings as a guest. Joining a NCBN meeting as a guest will allow you to see the meeting framework in action and better understand how it will work for you and your business contacts.

We will never put pressure on you to join. If you like what you see and experience, then ask to join NCBN to avoid your competitors taking the opportunity and locking you out of a group.

NCBN Sectors filled

Motors -Akin Motors
Adertising - Kibkom


Contact us now to join or request to be invited as a guest: Click here